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K-3 Hybrid Schedule

Updated 11/5/2020
K-3 Hybrid Schedule starting November 9, 2020


To the Parent/Guardian of  ___________________
This email contains all the information regarding our new hybrid learning model for students in grades K-3.  All on campus instruction will be held at the Durango Campus located at 8377 West Patrick Lane until further notice.
New school schedule for grades K-3 begins Monday, November 9th.  School start time will now be 8:00am.  Schedules will vary based on grade levels and can be found on our website, found on the teacher’s Google Classroom, attached to this email and will be available for pick up from the main office.
K-3 hybrid learning model.  
The teachers will “soft launch” K-3 hybrid learning model on Monday and Tuesday, with all students attending from home while following the new schedule (8:00am start time).  Starting on Thursday, November 12th, students will attend on campus or at home, depending on the assigned cohort.
_________________ has been assigned to Cohort  _____ .
Cohort B: Monday/Thursday On Campus Instruction (Tuesday/Friday at home distance ed)
Cohort C: Tuesday/Friday On Campus Instruction (Monday/Thursday at home distance ed)
Cohort D: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday On Campus Instruction, (By Invitation Only-this includes any students currently attending campus)
K-3 Carpool:
All K-3 students will be assigned a carpool color and time. (Carpool is the name for our pick-up/drop-off procedures.) While ALL K-3 students will be assigned carpool, only those students attending on campus will be required to pick up a carpool tag to prepare for the start of hybrid learning on Thursday.  All cars will need to have a carpool tag in order to pick up their students.   Carpool tags can be picked up from the main office starting Thursday, November 5th. Carpool maps and information can also be found HERE on our website.
___________________   has been assigned   ___________________    with a dismissal time of  _________.  Please refer to the carpool maps that can be found HERE or can be picked up at the front office.
Safety Procedures
Of course, the safety of our staff and students are our top priority. All preparations and mitigation efforts are being carefully considered.  It is important that students attending the campus abide by the following school and safety guidelines:


  • Parents must screen children daily for COVID symptoms including temperature checks, PRIOR to leaving their home.
  • Students are required to wear a mask at all times other than drinking and eating.
  • Students are required to wash their hands frequently, as directed by their teacher.
  • Students are required to use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of their classroom and the school.
  • Students are required to maintain social distance guidelines at all times while on school property, including following the one-way hallway directives.
  • Students that exhibit ANY of the COVID symptoms while on campus will be immediately isolated and sent home; Parents are expected to report immediately to pick up their child.
  • Students will assist in cleaning and disinfecting their personal desk space each day they are in attendance.
  • Students will be required to wear their school uniform when attending on campus instruction. Please see our website for uniform guidelines.
  • Amplus Academy does NOT provide any lunch services, all students will be required to bring a lunch to school on the days they attend.  Amplus Academy canNOT provide any eating utensils, straws, etc.
  • Students will eat their lunch at their assigned desk.
  • Students will need to bring their own water bottle to school each day they attend. Drinking fountains will be closed for student use. Staff will be able to assist in refilling water bottles if necessary.
  • Students will ONLY be allowed to use school issued technology which will be provided in their classroom.  No outside computers or Chrome books will be allowed.
  • Amplus will provide additional paper, pencils, markers, crayons, glue, etc for use on campus.  Students will need to bring their docket, packets, textbooks and whiteboard with them everyday they attend.
Please note: This Hybrid Learning Model is something new for all of us.  Please be patient with the teachers as they navigate having students in person and online.  The goal is that instruction will continue to build from one day to another.  Students that cannot attend online LIVE sessions will experience a slight delay in being able to access the recorded videos from that day.
Thank you again for your support and we look forward to having your students on campus soon.
-Amplus Administration