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Welcome to Amplus Academy

Today was a big day for our school!

The State Public Charter School Authority officially approved our request to change our name to Amplus Academy and to move forward with our proposed K-3 grade configuration of the new campus (which we sometimes refer to as the Rainbow campus because it is near Rainbow Blvd). In the following paragraphs, I want to share more information about each of these decisions.

Although we liked being known as American Preparatory Academy, or APA, our former management company has asserted the name is part of its intellectual property (to include American Prep and APA). Rather than spend money and time arguing the point, our board of directors decided the school will be better served by simply changing its name. We also wanted a name that was distinct from other charter schools and we think Amplus Academy hits that mark.

We recognize that the word amplus is a bit unusual. That’s because it is the Latin word from which we derive the word ample. When we looked it up, we found that related words include distinguishedhonorable, and esteemed. As we said in the Authority Board meeting this morning, we think these words represent both the culture we are working to create in the school itself, and our aspirations for students.

How did we arrive at this name?

With various deadlines assigned to the school by the Authority, it seemed expeditious to us for our transition committee (which includes parents, board members, and faculty and staff members) to come up with a new name as quickly as possible, which it did. The school’s board then approved the name change on July 9th, before the request was sent to the Authority.

Having obtained the Authority’s approval this morning, we immediately changed our website’s domain name and we’ve launched a new Facebook page. Our website  is now located at We will be quickly expanding the amount of information available to you on it, to include my brief weekly video updates. (In case you missed it, the first of these updates went live this week. You can view it on our new homepage.) You can also find us on Facebook at

The other matter we’ve worked through is the best way to configure the grades at the new campus.

As noted in the opening lines of this email, we received approval from the Authority to house all students grades K-3 at the Rainbow campus.

Admittedly, this was a little difficult to figure out because we didn’t want to disappoint families that were looking forward to having their students attend the Rainbow campus, or for some, having students at both campuses. When our analysis was complete though, it was obvious to us that the optimal configuration is to locate all students and teachers in grades kindergarten through 3rd on one campus. In our experience, this will facilitate communication between same-grade teachers, as well as between all the teachers in the K-3 department. As a result, all students in the 4th through 12th grades will be located at the Durango campus.

We are working diligently to accommodate those families that will be at both campuses. Student drop off and pick up procedures will be available closer to the start of school. As a reminder, our first day of instruction will begin on September 14.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through these changes and improvements.  Amplus Academy is getting off to an incredible start due to the support of our staff and our community.

Kind regards,
Rachelle Hulet
Amplus Academy
Interim Executive Director