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Update for the week of July 10

Dear families,

Happy Friday! We hope that you and your family are healthy and that you are getting the best out of your summer. This email is the latest communication in our commitment to keep you informed about the work we are doing in preparation for the new school year, along with an update on our progress in transitioning to what is known in the charter school space as a self-managed school.

We would like to thank everyone that participated in our school re-opening survey. The participation rate was more than 75% which is virtually unheard of in the world of surveys. Our administrative team has been analyzing the responses so we can use the information to prepare for reopening this fall. Most of the people that responded are comfortable sending their children back to school, but we want to reassure you that no family will be required to send their students to campus. Our teachers will continue to provide online instruction.

As you know, the board separated from our previous management company on June 11th. One of the ramifications of doing so is that the school had to come up with a new name. Last night your board of directors unanimously voted to approve the name Amplus Academy. We realize, of course, that amplus is not a word that you hear everyday. It is, in fact, the latin root from which we get the English word, ample. We really like this name because some closely related words are distinguished, honorable and esteemed—words that we think both capture the culture of the school as well as what we think you as parents and guardians aspire for your students. The request for this name change has now been sent to the State Public Charter School Authority, whose board will vote on it on July 24th. Assuming the Authority Board approves it, our new web address will become  Amplus.Academy (The web design as it currently exists, will largely remain the same.)

The board-appointed transition committee is continuing to meet weekly, with individual members working on various tasks between meetings. One of the focal points of the committee has been how we can ramp up our instructional program. Mind you, we will be continuing to use the Core Knowledge curriculum, however we are exploring the possible addition of several supplemental programs such as Literature Based Direct Instruction, Achieve 3000, and Writing by Design (all of which lend themselves very well to the virtual component of our school). One of the things these supplements have in common is that they are focused on improving reading comprehension and writing skills. One reason this is important is  that these skills are generally considered the gate-way to all other learning. We will provide you with more information as we continue evaluating these programs and making final decisions.

Next week we will be interviewing several candidates to fill key positions including Principal and Director of Special Education. We are intent on identifying exactly the right people for these positions because they will play an important leadership role in the overall success of your students.

In closing,  we want you to know that we remain available to answer your questions and address any concerns. All contact information will remain up-to-date on our website (which is accessible by clicking the link above.)

Kind regards,
Rachelle Hulet
Amplus Academy
Interim Executive Director